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How To Remove Blackheads With Clay Masks


In the last blog post and video I shared a bunch of diet and skincare tips for getting rid of blackheads.

In the video I mentioned I would make a video tutorial showing you how to use a clay mask to remove blackheads and get super smooth skin (I have a special trick). You can use any clay mask you wish, just make sure to watch today’s video below because it’s all about the technique!

Deep cleansing with clay

Clay is an awesome material to cleanse and purify your skin. I like clay in particular for balancing oily and combination skin, and giving your skin a deep cleanse. Clay is also great for eliminating blackheads and congested pores.

If you’re wondering which clay to use, you can buy a powdered clay from a health food store or online, or use a face mask that contains clay as it’s base.

There’s many different types of clays. All of them are good at deeply cleansing your skin and drawing out the buildup of dead skin cells and sebum clogging your pore. Below I’ve listed popular clays and what skin types they’re best used for.

Best clays for each skin type:

Rhassoul Clay X X X    
Bentonite Clay X X X    
French Pink Clay X X X X X
White Kaoline Clay X     X X
French Green Clay   X      
Fuller’s Earth Clay   X      
Remove blackheads with clay masks, video demo using UMA Absolute Anti-Aging Mask and Grovia Cloth Wipes.

Remove blackheads with clay masks (my special technique)

This technique of removing blackheads with a clay mask involves adding a few extra steps to your typical face masking routine. To get the best results, do pay attention to each step I outline. It only requires a few extra minutes in your clay masking routine, but you’ll get even better results (think smoother, brighter, clearer skin). Along with the written instructions below, make sure to watch the video demo too!

What you’ll need:

Clay or a clay mask: You can use a clay face mask, or you can buy powdered clay from a health food store or online, and activate it with a few drops of water. In the video demo I’m using UMA Absolute Anti Aging Face Mask which has bentonite clay as its base.

Soft wash cloth: My favourite wash cloths for removing face masks are baby wash cloths. The best wash cloths I have found are Grovia Cloth Wipes, which is a terry blend).


  1. Remove your makeup and wash you face. Pat off any excess water (your face should be slightly damp, but not completely wet).
  2. Apply your clay mask on your face and neck.
  3. Leave the clay mask on your skin for 15-20 minutes (unless directions of the mask state otherwise).
  4. After you’ve left the mask on your face for a good 15-20 minutes and the clay mask has completely dried, put your fingers under warm running water to dampen them.
  5. Starting at the center of your face (your nose or forehead), using your dampened fingers, gently massage your skin in small circular motions. You want to loosen the clay mask with your fingers, and massage your skin with the moistened clay. This will gently exfoliate your skin.
  6. To ensure you’ve dampen the clay sufficiently, you’ll probably need to keep putting your fingers under running warm water as you massage your skin.
  7. In areas where your skin has blackheads and congestion (like your nose or T-zone), your want to massage your skin with very small circular motions. In other areas where your skin is clear of blackheads (your cheeks), you can massage your skin with bigger circular motions (which will still exfoliate your skin, but a little less intense). See the video for the full demo.
  8. You always want to be gentle when massaging and exfoliating your skin, so make sure you aren’t pulling, tugging, or massaging your skin too roughly. Unlike a facial scrub, the clay should NOT feel rough or coarse, it should feel like a powdery paste that you lightly massaged around your skin.
  9. Continue gently massaging your entire face and neck for a good 3-5 minutes.
  10. Once you’re finished, take a very soft washcloth and dampen it with warm water.
  11. Using the damp washcloth, remove the mask from your face and neck. You’ll probably need to rinse the washcloth a couple of times as you remove the mask.
  12. Once the mask is completely removed from your skin, finish with your favourite serum, moisturizer or facial oil, or nothing at all (do what works best for you).

For best results:

  • Do this mask once or twice a week, and over time the blackheads will reduce or completely disappear
  • If you have dry or sensitive skin, you might want to do this mask less frequently, like once every 2-4 weeks (you will still get results)
  • If clay masks dry out your skin, you can always add a small dollop of smooth honey and/or a drop of oil to the mask to add extra moisture and hydration. Or, you can just apply the mask to areas where you have blackheads (like your nose or T-zone).
  • Never do this mask on the same day you use a facial scrub or exfoliating acid (that’s too much!)
  • Only do this mask at night (exfoliating your skin during the day can make your skin more susceptible to sun sensitivity and sun damage)
  • Make sure to use an all natural clay mask
  • Avoid using clay masks that contain added alcohol, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, witch hazel, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), artificial colours, etc.
  • Don’t do this clay mask technique if you currently have active pimples or acne, or irritated skin (wait until your skin is healed to do this type of masking because it could irritate your skin more).

Recommended Products:


  • Rhassoul Clay
  • Bentonite Clay
  • French Pink Clay
  • French Green Clay
  • Fuller’s Earth Clay
  • White Kaoline Clay

Clay Masks:

Wash Cloths:

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