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VERDURA naturalternatives Review


In recent years I’ve been so happy to see more and more companies formulating gentle, soothing, and effective skincare products for oily and acne prone skin. It seems like not long ago the only products available for oily and acne prone skin were super harsh, drying, and “overly medicated” which make breakouts worse.

Like many acne sufferers with oily skin, I always felt like my options were limited (even non-existent!). Most products formulated for oily acne prone skin were so drying, my skin would get terribly scaly, chapped, red, and would even get oilier to compensate for the moisture loss and irritation. I was always afraid of using products formulated for other skin types out of fear they would clog my pores and give me more breakouts.

To my relief, nowadays there’s companies and formulators popping up that are creating much gentler products to balance and treat oily acne prone skin. The whole drying out pimples and oily skin is such an outdated approach, it doesn’t work, and can actually damage your skin more. In my opinion, if you want your skincare to support the healing and balancing of your skin, you’ve got to be using products that clarify, nourish AND sooth your skin all at the same time. Oily skin doesn’t need to be dried out, it needs to be hydrated and nourished. To heal pimples and breakouts fast you need to decrease the inflammation, not irritate your skin more.

VERDURA naturalternatives review of Blue Fairy Concentrate, Fruit Complex Facial Mask, Bamboo Diva Cleanser, Sprout Facial Oil

Recently VERDURA naturalternatives approached me about trying their natural skincare products. Checking out their website and product line, I was especially drawn to wanting to try their skincare range for oily and acne prone skin because every single product is formulated with gentle, nourishing, and therapeutic ingredients. Their formulations are also quite simple and pure, which I find to be most compatible with acne prone skin.

I have to say, I’m always on the lookout for high quality products I can feature and review, but it’s not always easy. In fact, I find it incredibly hard (probably because I’m terribly picky and if I don’t love something myself, I wouldn’t want it on my website!). With that said, I was REALLY excited to try VERDURA naturalternatives, something in me just knew it would be good.

And, my very first impression trying their products confirmed exactly what I had expected – their products are really pure, high quality, and nourishing. And, they are CLEAN – they go on clean and feel clean on your skin (no pore-clogging residues which is REALLY important for oily and acne prone skin!). Plus, every product I’ve used ALWAYS leaves my skin silky soft (I don’t know what they’re using that does this, but I like it!!).

VERDURA naturalternatives Review

Verdura naturalternatives Bamboo Diva Cleanser review, a mild gel cleanser formulated to balance oily and combination skin.

Bamboo Diva – Oil Balancing Facial Cleanser

For acne prone skin I normally recommend using honey or oil as a facial cleanser, but I know that’s not for everyone! And therefore, I’m always looking for other high quality gentle cleansers I can recommend that are just as good.

Bamboo Diva Facial Cleanser is a mild gel cleanser formulated for oily and acne prone skin. I find it quite balancing because it thoroughly cleanses your skin, but won’t leave it dry or tight (which helps to prevent your skin from getting too oily).

I especially like how clean my skin feels after using this cleanser. I’d recommend it for normal and oily skin types, and for anyone who wears a lot of makeup and/or sunscreen and needs an effective cleanser that will remove everything without stripping or irritating your skin.

I also REALLY like how after using the Bamboo Diva Facial Cleanser, my skin is never shiny. For some reason, most gel cleansers leave my skin terribly shiny (probably because they’re too drying), but this one leaves my skin matte after using it. You could literally wash your face and go, which is especially good for oily and acne prone skin, or in hot summer months when you might not want any heavy products or makeup on your skin.

There’s also not much of a scent to this product, which is nice (the less “stuff” in a product, the less of a chance of having a sensitivity or reaction to it). Perhaps that’s why when I use VERDURA naturalternatives I’m always thinking how clean their products are because they’re simple, lightweight, non-irritating, and leaves no residues. Everything goes on clean, and comes off clean.

Verdura naturalternatives Sprout Facial Oil review, a lightweight balancing facial oil for oily and combination skin.

Sprout – Facial Serum For Normal To Oily Skin

Sprout Facial Serum is an oil-based serum. I’m a big fan of using facial oils to moisturize and balance acne prone skin. Sprout Facial Serum is a great one!

The base carrier oils are Grape Seed Oil and Hemp Seed Oil which are both high in linoleic acid making it especially compatible and clarifying for oily and acne prone skin (the linoleic acid in the oils can help decrease pore congestion and inflammation).

Along with helping to keep your skin clear, Sprout Facial Serum absorbs beautifully and leaves your skin moisturized, super soft, and supple. A lot of facial oils and oil-based serums sit on the surface of my skin, making my skin look really shiny and greasy, but not this one.

I would say the weight of the oil is medium – it’s moisturizing, but not heavy or suffocating. The scent is subtle and a little “green” (hence the name “Sprout” and the product containing green ingredients like cucumber seed oil, broccoli seed oil, green tea oil, parsley seed oil, sage and rosemary essential oils). The scent is light and doesn’t linger, so you will smell it when applying it, but it quickly fades.

Everyone knows I’m a big proponent of using very simple, soothing, and minimal skincare to heal active breakouts and acne (using too many products when you have active pimples and breakouts on your skin will only make your skin worse, not better). Between using VERDURA naturalternatives Bamboo Diva Facial Cleanser to wash your face and then using a few drops of Sprout Serum to moisturize – it’s all you need to balance out your skin and allow it to heal.

Verdura naturalternatives Blue Fairy Concentrate review to balance oily and acne skin, and speed up healing of pimples and blemishes.

Blue Fairy Concentrate – Facial Oil For Acne + Oily Skin

Blue Fairy Concentrate is a treatment oil for breakouts, acne and oily skin. It’s formulated with antiseptic and antibacterial essential oils, as well as Grape Seed Oil and Moringa Oil being the base carrier oils to counter pore congestion and inflammation.

In the instructions it says you can use it as a spot treatment to treat isolated blemishes or breakouts, or on your t-zone to balance oily skin, or you can even use it on your entire face. I experimented using it in all three ways, and was really surprised how gentle and non-irritating the formula is. I was especially surprised when I used it on my entire face, it didn’t irritate my skin at all (I have sensitive skin and some formulas containing essential oils make my skin red and irritate my skin quite easily). I actually found Blue Fairy Concentrate Facial Oil to be quite soothing and very moisturizing, especially for it being a treatment product. It’s really is an “all-in-one” clarifying and moisturizing treatment oil.

With that being said, even though it’s moisturizing and clarifying all at the same time, I still found myself using the Sprout Facial Serum as my every day moisturizing oil, and using the Blue Fairy Concentrate as a spot treatment oil at night (I would use it on areas of my face that tend to get congested, like around my nose and chin area). Here and there I would use the Blue Fairy Concentrate Facial Oil on my entire face as an overnight clarifying treatment (once or twice a week), but I wouldn’t do that every day.

I find this is a great treatment oil to calm breakouts, and decongest your skin. The entire month I used it I didn’t get a single pimple (which is great because we all know I’m currently pregnant and my skin has been extremely reactive throughout this pregnancy). I especially like the results I’ve been getting using the Blue Fairy Concentrate Facial Oil as a spot treatment around my nose and chin area because it’s definitely calmed those areas that tend to get red, inflamed, and congested. My skin is now a lot smoother without much congestion at all.

Even though Blue Fairy Concentrate Facial Oil is formulated to treat oily and acne skin, I would recommend this treatment product for all skin type prone to getting congestion and pimples, not just oily skin, because it’s moisturizing (not drying or irritating), and an excellent clarifying product.

Verdura naturalternatives review featuring Fruit Complex Mask withfruit enzymes and colloidal oat to exfoliate, clarify and soothe skin

Fruit Complex Facial Mask

In last week’s blog post I featured VERDURA naturalternatives Fruit Complex Facial Mask as one of my top recommended exfoliating products for fading acne scars and marks. I LOVE this mask! And for oily and acne prone skin, it’s not only great to use as a gentle exfoliant to keep skin bright and fade acne marks and scars, but it’s also a great clarifying mask preventing clogged pores and breakouts.

As you might already know I don’t recommend masks and exfoliants when you have active breakouts and pimples (that just irritates your already irritated skin more). When you have active breakouts and pimples, that’s the time to use less products and let your skin heal. Once your skin is clear and healed, gentle exfoliation and masks are excellent additions to your skincare routine to resurface your skin, fade acne scars and marks, and prevent breakouts from coming back.

The Fruit Complex Facial Mask is my favourite product from VERDURA naturalternatives skincare line. What I love so much about it is how hydrating it is and how smooth and bright it leaves your skin. There’s no oil in the formula, but the colloidal oat and aloe vera seals in moisture leaving your skin silky soft and plumped. This extra hydration is what most oily skin needs to balance out and prevent over-production of oil and sebum.

Out of all skin types, oily acne prone skin benefits the most from regular exfoliation. This is because your skin easily collects a build up of dead skin cells and oil/sebum, which if it’s not regularly removed or sloughed off, can clog your pores, congest your skin, and leave it dull.

The Fruit Complex Facial Mask is made of fruit enzymes, which are super gentle at exfoliating your skin and keeping pores clear of oil build up and debris. For acne prone skin, gentle is a good thing. I also really like that the Fruit Complex Mask is in powder form, so you just add a few drops of water or oil to activate it. I like this because there might be times where your skin needs a little extra moisture or hydration, and instead of using water to activate the mask, you can use a moisturizing oil instead. This makes this mask very versatile, especially if you need to adjust your skincare routine to different climates, seasons, and temperatures.

I’ve been using VERDURA naturalternatives Fruit Complex Facial Mask once or twice a week for the past month. Every time I use it my skin is super soft, bright, and hydrated. Like all their other products, this mask feels clean and calming on the skin. And, I have to say, every time I use this mask, the results are immediate (BRIGHT, GLOWING, SILKY SOFT SKIN) – even my husband asked me if he could use it too! (and if he notices a difference, then it’s gotta be good!).

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