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One Love Organics – Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil Review


Over the years I’ve received quite a few requests to review One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover. You know how much I love oil cleansing, and after reading so many rave reviews of this all-natural cleansing oil, I was super excited to try it.

One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover is different than most all-natural oil cleansers I’ve tried. What stands out the most about this product is its formulated to rinse off with water. You don’t need a wash cloth to remove it like you do with most oil cleansers. This makes it quite compatible with most skin types, including very sensitive or irritated skin.

Check out today’s video (at the top of the post) for my full review of One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover. In the video review I go over what I liked about the oil cleanser, what I didn’t, how effective it was, did it match the product’s description/claims, what skin types would benefit using it, which one’s wouldn’t, and how it compares to the other oil cleansers I use? I’ve also included a written review below for easy reference.

One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil review of all natural oil cleanser for all skin types

One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil Review

What is it?

One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover is described as being a multi-tasking oil cleanser that gently cleanses skin, as well as exfoliates, balances, and removes makeup.

It’s an oil cleanser, so it’s nourishing for your skin. It washes away impurities, buildup, and makeup, but won’t strip or dry out your skin.

Most oil cleansers need to be removed with a wash cloth, but this product is formulated in a way that it can be rinsed off with just water. This makes it especially good for dry or sensitized skin that would benefit from oil cleansing but can’t use wash cloths because they’re too abrasive or overly stimulating.

This cleanser can be used in the morning and evening, and for double cleansing.

How long have I been using it?

I purchased it 7 months ago, and for a couple of months I was rotating it with other cleansers in my skincare routine. Over the past 6 weeks I’ve been using it exclusively to test for this review.

How did I use it?

I use it as my morning and evening cleanser.

In the morning I do a single cleanse, and most evenings I usually double cleanse with it. A double cleanse means I wash my face with it twice in row to thoroughly remove all sunscreen, makeup, and build up from the day.

When I wear eye makeup, I use this to remove it as well. It does a good job at removing eye makeup without irritating your eyes or drying out your skin.

To remove eye makeup, you can use this cleansing oil with a cotton round, but I personally preferred applying a small amount directly to my eye area, massaging it into my skin and lashes, and then gently rinsing it off with water. I find this method a lot gentler than removing makeup using a cotton round. This cleanser does not sting or burn my eyes, it removes makeup well, and rinses off easily.

What were my expectations?

There’s a lot of hype about One Love Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil, especially in green beauty, natural skincare, and clean beauty circles.

I was VERY curious to see how this cleansing oil would perform, and what it was like compared to other oil cleansers I use.

As you might already know, I love oil cleansing. I’ve been using oils and oil blends for years to wash my face.

What made me curious about this oil cleanser, wasn’t just the hype and popularity of the product (and that I’ve been requested to review it a zillion times!), but that it also contains papain, an exfoliating fruit enzyme.

Some of my favourite cleansers and skincare products contain fruit enzymes, but I’ve never used an oil cleanser containing it.

I REALLY like fruit enzymes in my skincare for gentle exfoliation and skin brightening.

Fruit enzymes dissolve build up on the surface of your skin without being abrasive like a scrub. And they aren’t harsh or irritating like some exfoliating acids. And even though they’re gentle, they can work great for evening out your skin tone, smoothing textured skin, and removing buildup off the surface of your skin. Fruit enzymes can have a brightening effect on your skin as well.

As I’ve already mentioned, I was really excited that this oil cleanser can be rinsed off with just water. You don’t need a wash cloth to remove it.

All the all-natural oil cleansers I’ve ever used always need to be removed with a wash cloth, which isn’t for everyone. Sometimes even the most gentle and soft wash cloth can be too rough for someone with sensitive skin, active acne, irritation, or inflammatory skin conditions.

I’m asked all the time for recommendations for those of you who love oil cleansing, but can’t use a washcloth. I was excited to see how this cleanser worked, and if this could be something I could recommend for very sensitive skin?

And lastly, I was curious to see how it would perform removing makeup, especially eye makeup which isn’t always easy to remove.

My results

Firstly, Vitamin B Oil Cleanser works great as an every day cleanser, and it fully removes makeup and sunscreen, including eye makeup.

I washed my face with it in various ways, including with and without a wash cloth, and with warm water and cold water.

It cleanses and rinses off well with or without a wash cloth. You can use warm or cold water, it rinses off the same. It also rinses off clean without leaving any oily residue.

The product can be used around your eyes, it won’t sting your eyes, and removes eye makeup thoroughly.

How I prefer using this cleanser is applying it to dry skin, massaging it into my skin and rinsing it off with cold water. At night I will do this twice in a row (double cleanse) to ensure I am thoroughly removing all sunscreen, dirt, debris, makeup, and build up from the day.

I normally oil cleanse with a wash cloth. But since it can be rinsed off without a wash cloth, I preferred to take a break from it. I liked how gentle oil cleansing is without a wash cloth. Since I wasn’t using a wash cloth, I found I spent a little extra time massaging the product into my skin which ensured I was still getting a good cleanse and removing everything from the surface of my skin.

I also loved using facial rollers and massaging tools with the Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover. There’s nothing drying about this cleanser so it can be worked into your skin for a few minutes without any irritation. Since it easily rinses off with water, using it with face roller and massaging tools is much easier than using a regular oil or oil blend.

As for the exfoliating enzymes in the product, and how that performed – to be honest, I wasn’t super wowed by that. The only time I notice a smoothing or brightening effect from the cleanser was when I doubled cleansed or left the cleanser on a little longer than usual. I’ve used other types of natural cleansers and masks with fruit enzymes and had much more striking results with regards to exfoliation and making my skin appear instantly brighter and softer. Perhaps if I used a wash cloth with the cleanser I would get better exfoliating results, but that would be from the wash cloth and not the enzymes in the cleanser.

And lastly, I liked the texture and consistency of the Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil. It’s made with sunflower oil, which makes it a very nourishing oil. It’s quite fluid and easy to apply and massage into your skin, and it’s moisturizing. Sunflower oil is high in linoleic acid, so even though it’s a richer oil, the linoleic acid makes it non-comedogenic, and compatible with acne prone skin. I didn’t get any breakouts or clogged pores from the product, and I like that my skin felt supple and hydrated after using it.

These days my skin is normal to dry. I’m in my 40s, so my skin is maturing. My postpartum hormones are still all over the place, so sometimes I get breakouts. This cleanser worked great for me. Because my skin can be dehydrated and I have fine lines and wrinkles, I do use serums and moisturizer after cleansing. If my skin was oily or combination, or if I was much younger – this cleanser is hydrating enough, and you might not need additional skincare products after cleansing.

Who would I recommend this to?

This oil cleanser is compatible with most skin types.

It’s a nourishing oil cleanser, which makes it especially good for dry or dehydrated skin.

I would especially recommend this to anyone who loves oil cleansing but using a wash cloth is just too irritating for your skin. The Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover would be a perfect solution because you can rinse it off clean with water.

Also, since it rinses it off with water, this would be a lot easier to travel with than a regular oil cleanser. There’s a little plastic piece that comes with the product to lock the pump, so don’t throw that out if you plan to take it travelling with you.

Who shouldn’t use this product?

Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover has added parfum/fragrance. It’s all natural, but it still is an added fragrance (just not a synthetic fragrance). If you are sensitive to parfum or fragrance, even if it’s natural, it could potentially cause sensitivity.

I normally don’t use skincare products with added fragrance. Some skincare products I do use regularly have a naturally occurring scent from essential oils used in the formula, but that’s different than an added perfume or fragrance. It didn’t irritate my skin at all, even using it twice a day consistently over the last 6 weeks. But, I do want to mention this incase you have a sensitivity to added fragrance, or prefer to avoid skincare products containing it.

The best way I can describe the scent is somewhat fruity, I believe it smells like a sweet pineapple. On the reviews, most people seem to like it, whereas a small handful find it too strong. At first I found it to be quite sweet and strong, but over time I got used to it, and it doesn’t linger.

Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover also contains beeswax, which could be an issue for some people with acne prone skin. The oil cleanser is made out of sunflower oil and also has pumpkin seed oil, which are both high in linoleic acid which is non-comedogenic and very compatible with acne prone skin (these oils can actually help balance oily and acne prone skin), but for some people, added butters and waxes (like the beeswax in this product) can potentially clog pores.

I personally have to be very careful with butters and waxes in skincare because over time it can sometimes congest my skin. But, I’ve been using this cleanser for a while now and I haven’t had any issues of clogged pores or breakouts whatsoever.

If you do have a sensitivity to added waxes or butters in your skin care, you might not want to use this product, or, just make sure you thoroughly rinse it off when washing your face. I wouldn’t recommend dry oil cleansing with this because of the beeswax. And, if you were to use it as a makeup remover with a cotton pad, make sure afterwards to thoroughly rinse it off.

Would I buy it again?

Yes. I really liked having this cleanser as part of my skincare routine.

I especially liked it for removing makeup (especially eye makeup), and using it when my skin felt sensitive or dry.

I loved that I can use this for oil cleansing without a wash cloth. For me this was what made this product so special.

At this point, there’s other daily cleansers I prefer using that are helping target my melasma and keeping it at bay; but on days where I do need extra hydration, and days where I need something super gentle, this is a great cleanser.

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